Your Mitoexperience

Through a unique concept that fits your vibrant lifestyle, you’ll enjoy a personalized experience in which you’ll be given an array of choices, a speedy service and helpful tips, with a focus on your well-being.

Come and explore our myriad of sushi and Asian dishes handcrafted with great know-how and passion by our Itamae chefs and bursting with umami, the fifth basic taste in Japanese cuisine that exalts the delicious and pleasant taste of ingredients. Available for takeout, on delivery or to eat in.

Quality &

We carefully pick the best, freshest and most flavourful quality ingredients and have our Itamae chefs assemble them on site.

Health &

We use ingredients and super ingredients packed with vitamins and essential nutrients as part of a balanced, healthy diet.


Respecting our planet and its inhabitants is one of our core values. To this end, we use recyclable materials and fish from sustainable sources, and we give back to the community by promoting healthier eating habits.

Food Security

We are committed to controlling our supplies and training our staff to comply with the highest standards of the food security charter.


For nearly 14 years, MITO has shared its passion for sushi and Asian cuisine, the pleasures of eating well, and new findings!

14 years of passion…

…during which our chefs have shown creativity in exploring the latest trends and culinary flavours, and bringing together Western and Eastern cultures and flavours gracefully;

…during which we put several products to the test, and ultimately selecting the best ones;

…at the end of which MITO is proud to bring you a unique experience with its Sushi Boutique concept!

Sources Our fish comes from sustainable sources.
FSC Our service boxes are FSC-certified.
USDA We choose USDA-certified Mighty Leaf organic tea.
Aliments du Québec We foster Quebec-made food.